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To preserve your hand-crafted Angie Star jewelry, we suggest these everyday tips.


Place your jewelry in a safe location while sleeping, showering, applying hair and body products, gardening or engaging in extreme activities. All will affect the jewelry's appearance. Please do not wear in chlorinated pools. Rough treatment can loosen set stones while detergents and lotions often contain chemicals which can damage the finish of the metal. Over time metal will wear, and settings may become loose.  Please check your jewelry at least once a year by a qualified jeweler or if you are in Boulder, we will happily do so.



A professional, nonabrasive cleaning solution applied with a soft bristle brush or cotton cloth will ensure residue and dust are safely removed.


For diamond jewelry, the easiest and safest way to care for your jewelry at home is with warm water, mild soap, and a soft toothbrush. For a deeper and more thorough cleaning, an ultrasonic cleaner can be used. These machines use high-frequency sound waves through a liquid solution to remove dirt and build up. Ultrasonic cleaners are available at some hardware stores or through an online retailer. Please note that not all jewelry can be cleaned safely using an ultrasonic cleaner. Please check before cleaning your jewelry with this method. Feel free to stop by our Boulder store to have your jewelry cleaned at any time. We suggest that you bring in your jewelry on a yearly basis to ensure that no settings have become loose.




Store your jewelry in a secure place in soft pouches to prevent scratching. Keep away from moisture and heat. Do not store in direct sunlight or near a heat source.






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