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This little 14k petal is handcarved, with a tiny white brilliant cut diamond sparkling inside. It is simple, subtle, and layers sweetly. I love to wear it a little shorter, and layer this piece with a longer statement piece - it says sexy summer all over it. 


These are cute to layer up ~ one for each member in your family? Or just a little gold and silver sparkly bouquet. :) If you would like to add multiple charms, just send us a message, we'll send you a quote and follow up. If you are going to customize, that is a fun time to think about birthstones instead of (or in addition to!) diamonds for family jewelry. 


Let us know if you would like a custom length ~ we usually go for about 17". This is a nice length for layering - not too short, not too long. Enjoy! 


Thank you for looking! Warmly, Angie 

Diamond Petal Necklace

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